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COD5 Hacks

Check out the new COD5 Hacks video showing off the 40 features including full ESP, Aimbot, Auto Knife and more. We have 250,000 website subscribers using our cheats right now. If your still not sure if you should use them check out our user reviews before you register. Here is just what a few people had to say….

REVIEW 1: Excellent customer service, aimbot is amazingly great and cant beat the auto knife feature. icon biggrin COD5 Hacks icon biggrin COD5 Hacks icon biggrin COD5 Hacks The community offers great information on game play and seems quite user friendly. Altogether a joy to a be part of this community.

REVIEW 2: I don’t know how else to say it, but what a great F’ing hack. I signed up for VIP almost a week ago and I’m blown away with this. What I love the most is your Loader, and how it’s injected.. Talk about the best way to keep it undetectable, awesome work.

I found this to be so much fun I even purchased a couple other COD versions on steam to get my cheats on.

Again, epic job on the work you guys do. I couldn’t be more pleased with a purchase.

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World at War Cheats

Call of Duty: World at War Cheats were released by our coder just a few hours after the game went on sale to retailers around the world. OUr main website has been featured on news and television outlets world wide and we have over 250,000 online users. Let us teach you how to hack world at war and win every round.

29lz0iu World at War Cheats

CoDWaWmp2009 07 3015 52 24 93 World at War Cheats It was announced on December 2, 2007, and on June 6, 2008; the 64th anniversary of D-Day, Treyarch announced it would be named as “World at War” and it would take place in the Pacific theater of war as well as the Eastern Front. It was released for all seventh-generation consoles as well as home computers. It is the first Treyarch game to be released on the PC and it has a double development cycle of Treyarch’s previous game, Call of Duty 3 and was in development from late 2006.

CoDWaWmp2009 07 3015 52 43 90 World at War Cheats The gameplay for Call of Duty: World at War remains the same as Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s Compared to past Call of Duty games, Call of Duty: World at War is much more serious: there is minimal humor in the game, and the atmosphere is very dark with themes of hatred and vengeance. Even the menu music, also used in Vendetta, is quite unsettling. This is highlighted particularly from the words spoken by the singing woman in the menu theme at the beginning of ‘Vendetta’, which translate from German as ‘Brave soldier, Brave soldier, die with me, die with me, die with me’. On the other hand our World at War Cheats will allow you more excitement and fun in the game because our aimbot locks on to anyone showing on screen.

CoDWaWmp2009 07 3015 38 04 20 World at War Cheats

■Call of Duty: World at War is the goriest Call of Duty game to date. It is possible to mutilate and rip apart enemy soldiers, by blowing off enemies’ heads, arms and legs. Ripping open the torso and seeing the ribs, and similar areas of the body is also possible with high-power weapons like the MG42, Type 99 and FG42. Also, blood splatter is more realistic, and it is common to see the enemy in large pools of blood splattered everywhere. SO when you use our Call of Duty World at War Cheats you can get instant headshot kills and splatter blood all over the map. Some fans thought that Call of Duty: World at War deserved an 18 from the BBFC instead of 15. Much of this gore is not present in the Wii version due to graphical limitations. Blood is still present, however, and meat chunks appear when a soldier is shot in the head.
29lz0iu World at War Cheats

Call of Duty World at War Cheats

Download our Call of Duty World at War Cheats now and get access to the best instant kill hack in the world with over 40 features. Check out the rage video below and see how you can kill everyone inside any game using our dead on accurate aimbot. Call of Duty: World at War, also referred to as Call of Duty 5 or simply World at War, and abbreviated as CoD: WaW or WaW, is a first-person shooter game by Treyarch, released on November 11, 2008 in North America and on November 14, 2008 in Europe. It was announced on December 2, 2007, and on June 6, 2008; the 64th anniversary of D-Day, Treyarch announced it would be named as “World at War” and it would take place in the Pacific theater of war as well as the Eastern Front.

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#1 Rated COD5 Hacks

#1 Rated COD5 HACKS!!!

Call of Duty Cheats has the #1 rated COD5 HACKS in the world. If you want undetected hacks please purchase our VIP hack memberships. You can use these hacks as long as you want on PB SERVERS and we will update FREE of charge if they are ever patched. No other website has World at War Cheats with more features or an aimbot as accurate as ours.

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Free COD5 Official CDKEYS!

Call of Duty Cheats CDKEY Program is the first cheat site in the world to offer OFFICIAL CDKEYS if your ever banned because our hacks become detected. No other hack site offers this type of insurance program! So if your ever GUID banned we will issue you a new CDKEY and get you back ingame fast. Everyone looks for cheats World at War that allow you to stay undetected and our cheats will do just that, if they don’t we get you cheap new keys. Sign up now and become a VIP and start using our COD5 Hacks today.

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Free COD5 Hacks

DOWNLOAD our VIP COD5 Hacks Here! We will be releasing a new Free COD5 Hack with aimbot in the coming weeks. As always get the #1 rated COD5 hacks at and win each and every round. Call of Duty World at War is one of the best first person shooters in the Call of Duty series. If your bored, getting killed by everyone or just want something new we invite you to use our World at War cheats. No other site has an aimbot or hack with as many features or options as we do. Check out the features below and make sure you sign up now to download for free. Learn how to hack call of duty world at war now.

- Autobot
- AimThru
- AimAt
- AimKey
- Visibility Check
- BoneScan
- Knifebot
- AutoSwitch
- Autoshoot
- AutoWall
- AutoZoom
- AutoProne
- Field Of View
- Human Aim
- Aim Speed
- Ping Correction
- Friendly Aim
- Name
- Distance
- Pose
- Skeleton
- Smiley Face
- Weapon
- BoundingBox
- Line
- AimDirection
- HeadDot
- See Dropped Weapons
- Helicopter
- Planes
- Sentries
- Dogs
- Explosives
- Explosive warning
- Enemy warning
- 2D Radar
- No Recoil
- No Spread
- ZoomHack
- PlayerHud
- Draw Stats
- Chat Spam
- Draw Fps
- Draw Time
- Draw Resolution
- CrosshairSettings
- Set the fade of the radar
- Set the fade of the stats
- Four slots to save settings
- Ability to move menu
- Menu fully mouse controlled

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Call of Duty 5 World at War Aimbot Video

We have released a brand new video showing off the aimbot hack and COD5 level 65 Rank Hack – This video shows you why we have the #1 rated COD5 Hacks in the world! Our aimbot hack has over 100 features that can be fully customized to your way of play. Don’t use free cod5 hacks they will only get you banned. Join the largest hacking community in the world for life with over 70,000 members – World at War Hacks

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COD5 Aimbot Hack Released!

Our COD5 Aimbot has been released to our VIP Members! This Call of Duty 5 Hack has over 100 options you can customize to your liking. It also has an instant level up to 65 allowing you to use the flame thrower. Join our COD 5 Hack VIP now to get access to the FREE COD5 Hack! You can get more information and download the hack at – Sign up for LIFE now and join the largest FPS game community on the face of the planet.

cod5 p4 150x150 COD5 Aimbot Hack Released!cod5 p6 150x150 COD5 Aimbot Hack Released!cod5 p1 150x150 COD5 Aimbot Hack Released!

29lz0iu COD5 Aimbot Hack Released!

COD5 Hacks Aimbot Video

R4z8r is just about done with his COD5 Hacks for Call of Duty World at War! This new COD5 Aimbot is the fastest aimbot for COD5 in the world! You can download it at

Current Features (more coming soon)
- Aimbot
- Auto Aim to nearest enemy
- Auto fire when locked on
- Dog Aimbot
- Weapon Sway Fix
- Grenade ESP
- Weapon ESP
- Artillery ESP
- Mine ESP
- ESP Colors (White=Weapon, Orange=Mine)
- Nametags
- Two Tone Player Chams
- Two Tone Dog Chams


29lz0iu COD5 Hacks Aimbot Video